About Us

Our Aim

The DNCC is situated in Durban North and offers “good value for money” Facilities and Equipment. Whether it be a conference, training, product launch, meeting, wedding or function, we are able to assist you in making it a successful one. We offer air conditioned venues, of different sizes. Be assured of our best attention, service and friendly attitude during your memorable experience at DNCC. 

At DNCC we beleive that every event should be an experience that moves, involves, surprises and delights. Anything less is the waste of a precious opportunity. We want all guests to leave taking something extraordinary and memorable home with them.  We focus on the opportunity to communicate and infuse something special into every event. 

Our aim is to ensure that your vision is expressed, so we listen, question and take the time to understand you and your objectives so we can tailor proposals for you, which are designed to ensure that your event will be one of a kind. 

Our hands-on approach takes the stress away from you.

So if you are searching for an ideal venue for your next upcoming event, perhaps a magical setting that exudes elegance, where the food is as extraordinary as the impeccable service, your search has ended….